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So Much To Do

So many honey do's on the list! Everyday we seem to find something else we need or need to do!

We are selling every Wednesday and Saturday at the Victoria Farmers Market!

The Dam Store is now carrying our salsa! The Dam store is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The next two Friday's we will be set up selling wings, salsa, baked goods, and home made crafts!

Crooked Pine Ranch has baked goods! Amanda is making cookies and bread! Lacey(thats's me) is making Mini Pies, Brookies, and Bacon Cheddar Biscuits!

Granny has made amazing aprons, towels, and bag holders! Jocelyn & Megan have been working so hard on more jewelry! They have added rings!!

Amanda has Christmas Stockings available in all kinds of cool patterns! Taking special orders to get you the stockings you want before Christmas!

OOOOOOh and by the way got a YouTube channel started for the ranch! Woo woo! Please like and subscribe to get all the updates! We keep finding new ways to get the word out and let people know what is new!!

Stewart's Delicious Chicken Wings

Made the second batch of Scorpion Sting!! It is soooooooo HOT & sooooooo GOOD!!

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