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Choosing a pig as a pet:

Pigs are a wonderful addition to any pet family!

Like any other pet, pigs have very specific needs!

This guidebook will help you know how to care for your pet pig!

pet pig


Socializing Your Pet Pig

Bonding with your pet pig is super important. You must earn a pig’s trust. This can take time.

We interact with the piglets from the first day they are born! They are very used to human interaction in their daily lives!

          When you come to the ranch to pick your pig it is an amazing experience! You get right in the middle of the action! First meet and greet with the piglets is in their pen. You get to see them run and squeal as we get em picked up for you to hug em and hold em! Piglets DO NOT enjoy getting their feet off the ground. So, when you first meet them, they are screaming. If the piglet goes calm in your arms that is a wonderful sign! Honestly the pig picks YOU most of the time! Once you have a pig just go to sleep in your arms you do not want to put that sweet piglet down!

After you get your piglet home you will need to establish a good relationship with your piglet! Healthy treats can be a wonderful way to earn their trust and teach them manners!

Training a pig is a little different from training other animals. You will need to be patient and calm. Remember to talk to them constantly using command words to let them know your intentions. Treat, harness, outside, belly rubs, walk, leave it, and any other commands you want them to learn!

Using food is a common way to train your pet pig. Remember over feeding is very easy choose a treat that is healthy and small!  Do not over feed them during training. Watch their diet very closely.


Diet & Nutrition 

Pigs will eat every time the opportunity presents itself. You must feed your pig a healthy diet. Choose a good pellet feed and supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables! This will ensure your pig stays a healthy weight and size.

When a pig has too much weight on its frame it is uncomfortable and lethargic! You will see much more energy and excitement if they stay in a healthy weight range! This chart shows you what your pig should look like.

Getting in a good routine will help your pig naturally know when it is time to eat! Use treats as a reward only for tricks and good behavior. Do not give in to squealing for treats. Use toys for distraction!

With patients and love you can help your pig maintain a healthy diet and active life! Make sure to have plenty of room for your pig to exercise and move!

mini pig body style chart.webp
mini pig food feeding chart.webp


Health Care Routine

good diet and exercise needs to be paired with a well-rounded health care routine!

Twice a year you need to give your pig de-wormer. Your vet can help you with this! It is important to have a vet that is prepared to help you with your pet pig and their special needs! It is easy to get this de-wormer at your local feed store!

Safe-Guard is our go to de-wormer. We get the edible de-wormer and add it to their food.

In between their normal doses we will use Diatomaceous Earth in their yard to help maintain a pest free life. Mites love pigs. If you keep your pig outside, make sure to check them regularly for parasites!

Pigs have very sensitive skin! We recommend using some Head and Shoulders shampoo when they get a lil dry and flaky!

Pink pigs sunburn very easily! Make sure to provide amble shade for them and protection from the sun. They can get very pink and itchy when they are sunburned. They will open sores and that can lead to infection! Shade is a very important factor with a pink pig!

Start trimming your piglets’ hooves early! That way they are used to the process and do not fight you when they get bigger! This is something you can do yourself or have a vet help you with. Use some large toenail clippers when your piglet is little. Then invest in a good pair of hoof trimmers for when your pig is older.

Get them relaxed on their side with some tummy rubs and make sure to only trim what is needed.


Vet Care & Zoning Laws

Make sure that you have already selected a vet before you get your pet pig! This is a very important step before you choose a pig as a pet!

Sometimes it is hard to find a vet that can care for your pet pig. Call a few and make sure they have your pig’s best interest in mind! Always have a back up plan incase there is an emergency, and your vet is not available!

Zoning laws are always changing! Know your local laws and your rights! Knowledge is power!

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