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Mini Pigs, Meat Pigs, & Show Pigs Available Now

Hey Y'all, 

We have lots of pigs available right now! There are piglets ranging from four weeks old to one year old. We have what you are looking for!

There are so many pet pigs available right now! 

Babe is a solid white female with a sweet disposition.

C.C. is a spotted female that was bottle-fed and loved the attention.

Trinity, Daphne, and Daisy will be beautiful pigs that could be pet or meat pigs. Easy-going sisters! 

Jasper is a solid white male that loves belly rubs and watermelon.

GusGus is one of our petite males; he is so sweet and shy.

Simon, Alvin, and Theodore are ready for a good home! These brothers love to play and have fun!

Charlotte Lyn is a blue butt, and she is so tiny! This little girl loves to snuggle! Her two brothers are full of love and ready to find their forever home!

American Guinea Hogs are a heritage breed. We have mixed this amazing pig with a larger one to help get the pigs to butcher weight faster with that excellent heritage taste we all crave. There are nine of these amazing piglets ready to go right now! 


Our Duroc mixes would make beautiful show pigs, amazing breeder pigs, or delicious meat pigs. These six piglets are Duroc red with black spots. Three females and three males are eight weeks old. 

BB & Smudge have been hard at work! These two KuneKune males have given us three litters of piglets. Regan is a Duroc mix with four piglets. Three are black and white accents, and one has the KuneKune spots. White Shadow had seven amazing piglets in her litter. Three with the KuneKune spots, three greys like her, and one black one. White Shadow is an American Guinea Hog Juliana mix! BerkshireMama had four KuneKune piglets. One is spotted like the bores, and the other three are black like the sow. These piglets have the traditional KuneKune face with the potential to out-grow the bores! These will make fantastic meat pigs or breeders. 

Check out the video below to see pictures of all the pigs available now!

Göttingen, Juliana & Potbelly Pigs

Y'all, come and get your next fur baby now! We have many pigs ready to go to their forever home right now. Juliana's and Potbelly's pigs have the sweetest personalities! They love with their whole heart! Easy to clean up after! Easy to train! Always good for a laugh.

mini pig breeds.png

Splenda has three piglets left y'all.

There are two males and one female left. 

One male is black with little white socks. 

One blue-butt male is chunky and cute.

One blue-butt female is tiny and petite.

These three are almost four months old and ready to go to their forever home!

Crooked Pine Ranch 

Pig Delivery 

$200 Deposit

$1 per mile

(depending on fuel cost)

Plus, the adoption fee!

Crooked Pine Ranch can now bring you a sweet lil piglet!

We will deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states!

Call us for more information.

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