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Now Breeding Mini Pigs

Super excited to welcome a new breed of pigs to the Ranch Family! Yin & Yang are just adorable! Yin is a lil black female with white socks on her feet! Yang is our male mini pig and he is solid white! These two cuties are going to make some adorable pets for you to take home! 

You can come and meet Yin & Yang at the Ranch Store Wednesday through Saturday each week! 

We are streaming Yin & Yang live on our YouTube Channel as well as TikTok! If you are feeling down and need a laugh watch these two strut around for a bit! They will put a smile on your face!! 

Göttingen, Juliana & Potbelly Pigs

Y'all come and get your next fur baby now! We have lots of pigs ready to go to their forever home right now!! Juliana's and Potbelly pigs have the sweetest personalities! They love with their whole heart! Easy to clean up after! Easy to train! Always good for a laugh!!!

mini pig breeds.png

IYin is now paired up with Rollo! Yang is paired up with Lagetha! We are gonna have some really small adorable piglets in the spring! 

Get your name on our call list today! 

You could have a small pig like Eddie

$250 Adoption Fee

Sweet N Low & Bubbles only have 6 piglets left out of the 17 they had!

 Jasper a white male with ticked spots around his head.

Trinity is a white female with one large ticked spot behind her ear.

Snowflake is a white and read female with ticked markings under her hair.

Collin is a solid black male with a cute short face and pout snout.

Rains is a solid black female with lil white front feet and a pink nose!

Angelina is a solid black female with a short lil face!

These piglets were born on November 6 & 7th. 

Both mamas are potbelly and we believe the dad was kune kune because of the short snouts!

We will have 3 more piglets available at the end of this month!

Juliana piglets that are solid black with white markings!

They were born in that horrible winter storm!

There are 2 males and 1 female!

Cameron is a black female with white feet

Coalman is a solid black male.

Jefferson is a black male with lil white feet and a dot on his head!

Crooked Pine Ranch 

Pig Delivery 

$200 Deposit

$1 per mile

(depending on fuel cost)

Plus the adoption fee!

Crooked Pine Ranch can now bring you a sweet lil piglet!

We will deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states!

Call us for more information

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