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Just a Little Update

So much has happened in the last few months! We had two healthy litters of piglets. Mama Bacon Bits had six piglets, and Lil Lady had seven. Unfortunately, we lost all of Lil Lady's piglets in the last rain storm. Lil Lady was a first-time mom and did not know how to protect them. Mama Bacon Bits only lost one of her piglets to the battery. Thankfully we still have five vigorous piglets left.

Rosie had an unfortunate incident with Betty Boop, now known as Biting Betty! Betty shredded Rosie's lady bits. We have her in a pen healing. We are expecting Rosie to give us piglets at the beginning of April.

Carmellie is a teenaged pig. Little Carmelli is about to pop. Any day now, she will go into labor! I am sure she will only have two or three piglets, even though her belly looks like it is hosting a mosh pit! Every time I check on her, I expect to see some adorable tiny pigs the size of mice! When she finally goes into labor, this ranch will be excited!

We include some new products in our Victoria Farmer's Market booth this week. Saturday, we will be there with all your favorites our top pork products, Burn Your Hole Salsa, delicious jam, fresh and dried bay leaves, and Yaupon Tea. Yoaupon grows wild in our area! We are working with Twisted Oaks Ranch to bring you a delicious tea native to North America. This plant is the only native plant that contains caffeine in North America. We are excited to introduce this tea to our community!

See us at the farmers market this week, or book a ranch tour! Our store is open daily if you need to get your fix on our unique products! You can also book our pigs for your next party! Pet the Pig Party experiences are available now!

Do you own a ranch? Need to take a trip? Who should you trust with your chores while you are away? Well, we have an answer to this common dilemma! Crooked Pine Ranch now offers Ranch Sitter Services! Book our family to take care of your ranch while you are away! Our family has experience with all kinds of animals! Our family is ready and willing to do all your daily tasks while you enjoy a vacation.

The Wilson family is proud to continue producing new, exciting products and service our community!

Fresh local honey in stock!

Walnut Bread Muffins With a Coffee Glaze

Fresh & Dried Bay Leaves are Available Now

Pickled Peppers!

Fresh Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

Fresh Bay Leaves

Burn Your Hole has three flavors Family Recipe is a hot-savory salsa, Habanero Splash O'Mango is a hot-sweet salsa, and Wonderfully Wimpy is a mild-savory salsa.

Strawberry Jam

Pineapple Jam

Something for everyone!

Habanero Pineapple Jam

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