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Animals are Twitterpated!!

Spring is here, and all the pigs are giving birth! Right now, on the ranch, we have 29 piglets! It is a site to see so many little tiny piglets everywhere! Mama pigs are currently working hard feeding their piglets and keeping them safe! More mama pigs are expected to deliver in the next few weeks! Spring is my favorite time of year!


Regan is a Duroc Potbelly mix female with piglets with one of our Kune Kune males, Smudge or BB. These piglets have the Kune Kune faces, for sure. The spotted one is a little female! These will be available for adoption in eight weeks! Regan had two females and two males. The runt is a cute little black female. There has been a lot of rain lately. Unfortunately, that had made it hard to get Regan in a pen by herself. She delivered her piglets last night right before feeding time. One of the more prominent female pigs attacked and killed one of the piglets. Later last night, Regan passed two stillborn piglets. There are four super healthy piglets. Thankful for the adorable spotted one. That little female will make a fantastic breeder or pet.

It is so wonderful to get in there and see the piglets right after they are born.

Right now, ranch tours are available. Come out and see all the adorable piglets!

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