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So Many Updates

Gonna start with the hard stuff first. Went out the other morning and Tiny was not moving. His mouth and eyes were foamy and it didn't seem like it happened very long before I came out. Later that day Stewart killed a cotton mouth right by the piglets pen. I am thinking this is why the dogs were barking while I was getting dressed. The dogs got the snake away from the babies, but not before damage was done. Tiny had a great lil life though.

We had more piglets! Another sweet lil group of babies born recently! We had 4 girls and 1 boy with this group! They are shiny and healthy some have lil pink noses and white socks!!

Stewart has been working diligently on the large pond! It is amazing now!! So deep! So clean! The wall around it is a perfect track to run around, jump off of, and help prevent flooding! We are getting there y'all!! Last week we went down to the Navidad river and caught some fish to ad

d to the pond!! Now we got a thriving eco system! Soon we will build the ducks their amazing pond house!! They will be able to access the pond and the surrounding area during the day!

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