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It Has Been a While

Big things are happening y'all! First, we closed Barefoot Clean! Yep! Closed the doors! It was kind of sudden! I felt depressed! I was not happy running it anymore. The clients were the reason we kept it open when we moved! We did not want to leave them hanging! Unfortunately hiring has come to a stand still across our country and for that reason it was a struggle to provide consistent cleaning services to all of our loyal wonderful clients across the Crossroads!

Now we are focused on going to Market each and every week! Bringing new and exciting treats, eats and home made creations!

Each Wednesday and Saturday we will be at the Victoria Farmers Market! Except when we are at the Hallettsville Market Days!~November 20, 2021 is the last one for this year! Come and see us!

Subscribe to Caleb Shaw he is getting the word out about all that is going on in the Victoria area! Today we will be featured with all the other wonderful vendors from last Wednesdays market! Caleb taste tests some of our salsa! See his reaction today when his latest video is posted!

Hallettsville Market Days is every 4 months!

Next Wednesday the 24th we will be sitting on County Road 531 in Ezzell Tx right before the school from 10 to 4.

Saturday the 27th we will be back in Victoria at the Victoria Farmers Market!

This is the first week that Stewart will have his crazy chicken wings for sale!

Y'all come and check us out!

Red's Treats will have all her goodies!

Granny will have her home made creations!

Kids are bringing lovely jewelry handmade by their sweet hands!!

Burn Your Hole Salsa has 3 flavors for you to sample!

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