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Happy New Year

Super excited about all that is going on so far this year!! Stewart has completed the coffee and biscuit grill! This is going to open up a world of possibilities!! We can cook breakfast items! We can make pots of beans! So many amazing things can be cooked on the new grills!!

Below is a link to our first ever Youtube Live Stream!! Tomorrow at 7am! Sunrise and coffee by the pond! I will be answering questions about Crooked Pine Ranch! Come by and say hi!!

We will be setting up in Ezzell on Friday by the School!! Come and see us from 11-4! Super excited to meet more of our neighbors!

Been working hard on new recipes!! Burn your hole has a new flavor! Pineapple Pequin! Made some Jalapeno Brownies that are absolutely amazing!!

You can now order BBQ for your next event! Check out the menu and call to place your order!!

Rosie and Lil Lady made it back to the big pig pen! They have both gained weight and strength! Last night was their first night back in the big pen!!! Seems like they are happy to be back socializing with the rest of the group!!

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