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Got Some Durocs!!!

Super excited to get some new blood!! 3 Duroc blends that will help us expand our breed portfolio. We got 2 males that we will breed with Pinkie our Yorkshire female. We also would like to see if they can breed with some of our American Guinea Hog females!! The new female will be breed with Hambone! They are still little so we got a while before we will have pigs available for sale! You can get on the waiting list!! Send us a message or call for more information!!

Their first day with us these babies fell right in line!! Mama bacon started nursing them right along with her babies! They even tried to get Pinkie to give em some milk!! We have several other American Guinea Hog females pregnant right now as well. Those lil Duroc babies have been finding milk on all of them!! It is amazing to see the moms welcome them and love on them! Soon the babies will be plucked out of the nursing pen and moved to a pen of their own!

This crazy rain has set us back a lil getting the pen expansion done!! We are making changes everyday and moving forward as quickly as possible!!

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