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Super Excited!! Electricity poles will be in next Tuesday! By the end of next week the store and kitchen will have lights and plugs! That means


This is so exciting! Can not wait to have y'all come out and check out what we have going on out here! This is going to be something magical! Just imagine you and your family come out to the country so far that, you can not hear horns honking, trains, sirens or the neighbors yelling!! You will hear the sounds of the bugs buzzing, kids laughing, and some music playing low! The stars will be shining above you! A fire crackling near by! Then the sound of a friendly voice bring you a lil something to nibble on! First, the boudin! Oh yeah some sausage to enjoy while you laugh at a kid trying to catch a pig! Then you will see the bread! Smoke bacon cheddar biscuits or garlic knots! Next, will come the chicken wings! OOOOOOOh so savory! Absolutely finger licking good! After all that will come the main plate! Ribs or Brisket with corn on the cob, beans, and a salad! If that isn't enough desert is gonna come after that!!! Mini Apple Pies, Brookies, Cookies, or maybe something ale mode!!!


After the Grand Opening BBQ Event we will start doing this once every single month!!!!! This event will be BYOB!! We will have can sodas, sweet tea, and lemonade!

The store will be open all night so you can stock up on meats, baked goods, eggs, and all the new hand crafted items!!!!

While we are under construction we are open! Softly, when we can have the kitchen open we do! Right now, that is what we are working on! Can not cook while we have saw dust flying!!! Hopefully the kitchen will be completed in the next week or two at most!!

Got a date with a butcher!! Taking 3-5 pigs to the butcher April 25th we will have meat in our store the first week of May!!

If you have items that you would like to sell in our store, please contact me! We want everyone to be able to put their stuff in the store and thrive!

Come by and see us! Honk if we are not down at the store or kitchen we are building at the workshop where we currently have power!

Oh wait guess what we got????? Micro/Mini Pigs!!!!!! Yin & Yang are amazing! So cute!! Soon this breeding pair will have babies and you can take a lil mini pig home to love!!

White Shadow is the cutest lil piglet! Her mama is Mama Pork Chop & her dad is Pumba! This lil pig has the body of the American Guinea Hogs and the color of the potbelly! White Shadow is adorable! Excited to see where we take this new bloodline we are creating! A heritage style hog that grows a lil quicker! We have Kune Kune Wattles to mix in there next! So excited to see all the piglets coming soon!

Above is White Shadow!

Meet Yin & Yang! Micro Pigs

Catch these two live on our YouTube Channel! Please Like & Subscribe!

Here is a glimpse of the work that has been going on at the store! One step at a time we are getting it done!!


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