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Crooked Pine Ranch LLC

We are the Wilson Family! Our mission is to bring a fresh approach to traditional living!  Our family wants to raise happy animals. Grow fresh healthy vegetables. Make food that makes your mouth water. Help you shape the land to your needs while saving its natural beauty!

We Make Happy Bacon

Store bought meat is a mystery! Where does it come from? Was the animal mistreated? What was it fed? Wouldn’t you like to know??
Well, You Can!!
Crooked Pine Ranch Wants to Raise Your Bacon!
Happy Pigs Make the Best Bacon! Crooked pine ranch keeps all the animals happy from the time they get here until they make it to your plate!

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Mama Bacon & Hambone

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Hambone Loves His Tire

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Pigs Never Miss a Meal

How It Works

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In the spring we will have pigs going to market! 


We will be selling our pork at the Victoria Farmer's Market and in Ezzell on Fridays until we get our own store open!  


Eventually we will have a General Store with all the things made here on the ranch! 


Planning on having a monthly BBQ on the ranch!


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Why choose American Guinea Hogs?

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Succulent Pork Chops…
By the 1990s, there were fewer than 100 Guinea hogs left in the United States, and it is now considered one of the rarest heritage hog breeds.
It is an easily managed, mild-mannered small pig breed that fattens well. Sows typically reaching only 150 to 180 pounds if in good condition. Boars grow to approximately 250 pounds, although some may be a bit larger. You can expect a butchering weight of approximately 120 to 150 pounds.
Home cooks will find pastured pork from American Guinea hogs to be rich enough in fat to stay succulent in cooking, whether in the high, dry heat of grilling and roasting or in the low-and-slow, moist heat of braising and barbecuing.

Sad Pigs

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Don’t you want to know where your meat comes from?
After this last year watching our meat shortages and seeing what happens to all our food hurt my heart. Take control of where your meat comes from! Know it is naturally fed and well cared for!

Pinkie Found Us


Pinkie found us! Made her way out of a truck and came screaming to the first smell of pigs she could find! Pinkie is our reason for Making Happy Bacon! Poor pinkie did not know how to be a pig! Did not take long for her to learn to root and play in the mud! 

More Breed Options Coming Soon

We would love to see Pinkie start a family with Hambone our male American Guinea Hog! See what kind of bloodline we can create! We are looking to get more breeds soon! You can request any breed and we will do all we can to get it for you!

Selective Clearing Services

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The Wilson family had a dream. Started small and just kept getting bigger. We saw a need for land. A place to stretch our legs and raise our children in the sun! 
The dream needed land, so we began our search! We looked everywhere for a place that was simple and small! At last, we found our ranch! Small beginnings are always the best! The biggest 11 acres we have ever seen!!
Stewart can see the land under the trees! He can see the animals moving and the flow of the wind with the breeze! Most people get a dozer and clear cut the land and start fresh. There is a lot of beauty in raw untouched land! Trees that have worked hard to grow! Stewart sees the potential and saves the magnificence of the wild and creates a beautiful space for life to blossom right in the middle of the wilderness!! 
We were creating our home. You may have a dream for the perfect hunting area! Maybe a get away from the city life! Whatever your dream is for your land Crooked Pine Ranch is here to help you accomplish that mission!!

Burn Your Hole

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Burn Your Hole salsa is made with simple fresh ingredients!
It is HOT!
It is TASTY!
The Family Recipe, made with habanero peppers and jalapenos, has been passed down through my family. My dad
's mom gave him the recipe and we made salsa when I was a little girl for Christmas gifts. When my dad and grandmommy passed the recipe was passed to me! It took me some time to work up the courage to make it the first time! Then it was on! I couldn't stop! Everyone wanted more!

Now we have lots of exciting flavors:

Family Recipe

Habanero w/a Splash O'Mango

Scorpian Sting

Pineapple Pequin

Each has a very different flavor! 


Where the Magic Happens

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