Pinkie Found Us

Pinkie found us! Made her way out of a truck and came screaming to the first smell of pigs she could find! Pinkie is our reason for Making Happy Bacon! Poor pinkie did not know how to be a pig! Did not take long for her to learn to root and play in the mud! 

On 4th of July we spoiled the pigs with red, white and blue icing! Spoon fed yummy icing! It went everywhere! Soon the pigs were licking each others frosting covered faces

More Breed Options Coming Soon

We would love to see Pinkie start a family with Hambone our male American Guinea Hog! See what kind of bloodline we can create! Got a couple of Duroc males now to breed with Pinkie! Excited to see their babies and taste that bacon!! Get on a waiting list for one of their young NOW!!

 You can request any breed and we will do all we can to get it for you!

Pinkie covered in frosting.jpg