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Selective Clearing Services

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The Wilson family had a dream. Started small and just kept getting bigger. We saw a need for land. A place to stretch our legs and raise our children in the sun! 

The dream needed land, so we began our search! We looked everywhere for a place that was simple and small! At last, we found our ranch! Small beginnings are always the best! The biggest 11 acres we have ever seen!!

Stewart can see the land under the trees! He can see the animals moving and the flow of the wind with the breeze! Most people get a dozer and clear cut the land and start fresh. There is a lot of beauty in raw untouched land! Trees that have worked hard to grow! Stewart sees the potential and saves the magnificence of the wild and creates a beautiful space for life to blossom right in the middle of the wilderness!! 

We were creating our home. You may have a dream for the perfect hunting area! Maybe a get away from the city life! Whatever your dream is for your land Crooked Pine Ranch is here to help you accomplish that mission!!

  • Ponds/Pond Repair

  • Shooting/Hunting Lanes

  • Utility Line Trenching/Backfilling

  • Ranch Roads/Ranch Road Repairs

  • ATV/UTV Trails

  • Deer Feeder/ Stands Clearing

  • Culverts/Drainage & Ditch Cleaning

  • Pads of All Sizes

Selective residential clearing saves your beautiful natural features while creating the perfect space of your dreams! Call today to get a free estimate!

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